Hey Everybody,

My thanks to all the people who volunteered to help try some stuff out for me. I'm getting close to finishing them now, and starting the process of another round of Daedalus. 

Making the pens I do, there are often a lot of steps to get to a finished pen–I often find myself making parts for sub assemblies which build other sub assemblies which lead to assembly, followed by the slow, unavoidable process of finishing (I use an obscene amount of sandpaper).

Factor in that most parts I need can't be purchased off the shelf, and everything in manufacturing is expensive, I sometimes have to make tools to make tools to make pens, and in a given day, it often feels like nothing really gets done.

Day after day goes by like this. Until one day. Finished product. 

It's a slow process.

I humbly ask your patience. 

Really bad haiku.