Once again, I'm having a great time messing with mechanical problems. It seems I need yet another motor controller. This will be the third one on my poor, defenseless little lathe. I don't know what the deal is; Does it not like the work I'm asking it to do? I feed it plenty of oil, electricity and tender-loving-care, and this is how it repays me? Stalling in the middle of a cut? Come on. Come on!

Anyhow, I'm getting back to production of the Daedalus and some other pens on June 10, but before I do that, I wanted to open the door up for a few adventurous souls who'd be willing to help me out with the model I've been in the process of bringing back for the last hundred fortnights, the WoodGlass. 

If you're interested, here's how I want to do it:

  1. Continental US ONLY. There's a good reason for this, and I can go into more detail if you ask, but in brief: Customs. Postage.
  2. Send me a deposit via PayPal using "friends and family". This is not a purchase. It's just a deposit. A carrot to finish the job, as they say. I'll let you know how much once we get our email thread going.
  3. I'll ship you the pen and you use it for two weeks as much as you can, and report your feedback to me. How it works, how it feels, all that stuff, and when you're done.
  4. At the end of two weeks, I get you an address label, and you send it back to me with a report.
  5. When I receive the test pen, you get your money back (minus shipping both ways).

If this sounds good to you, send me an email (the address is on the "ABOUT" page.) with "Placeholder" in the subject heading, your address, and a couple sentences about what you might help me to discover.