Eucalyptus Burl

Eucalyptus Burl


Sold out at the moment, but if you like this, send an email to, and I’ll let you know when I have them again.

Eucalyptus Burl wood. It’s expensive, a headache to deal with, and time consuming to finish, but the results are stellar.

  • Your pen probably won’t be the one in the picture, so there will be variations between the pens, as wood never does the same thing twice.

  • These pens (may) have wooden threads. They look amazing, but they may be a bit tight occasionally, so you may want to oil them from time to time.

  • Though designed for the Zebra G nib, you can use any threaded #6 JoWo nib unit in here, and it will just screw in.

  • You can also get a Pilot XF for it too. If you do, you’ll get a special nib unit that I make which adapts the Pilot nib and feed to the JoWo #6 internal dimensions that my pens have. They’re a hassle to make, but they’re great units.

sold out
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