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When you’re away from your desk, and you need a pen…

“Hey, could you get me my pen from over there?”

“Which one is it?”

“The one that says “Bad-*** M**********r on it.”

And you’d be right.

Gloss, solid red ebonite, brushed, matte black ebonite, and the new Piston Vacumatic filling system with a fun little splash of color on the fittings. Limited run of 18.

What’s life without a little good, clean fun?

Note: Nib of your choice included. Block of wood, stone and magnifying glass are not included.

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Dimensions: (In inches, not including nib length)

  • Unposted length: 4.25

  • Posted Length: 5.8

  • Barrel weight: 10g

  • Cap weight: 5g

  • Grip section minimum diameter: .35

  • Grip section maximum diameter: .4

  • Barrel maximum diameter: .48

  • Cap maximum diameter: .55