"Midnight Blue" Composite Wood

"Midnight Blue" Composite Wood

from 225.00

Composite Wood: Through one proprietary process or another, hardwood is: dyed if desired,  degassed, laminated, impregnated with thermosetting plastic resin, compressed, and cured at high temperature and pressure to create a material that looks and feels just like wood, but with the waterproofness of plastic. Breathtaking ripple patterns and natural, undisturbed wood grain are both possible.

  • Compatible with JoWo #6 nib units; shown pictured with the Pilot extra fine nib
  • Optional stainless steel clip
  • Three, circumferential ink windows allow a view of the transparent ink supply.
  • Two pens from the same batch are provided to illustrate possible range of color and grain appearance. I cannot accommodate special requests regarding shade.
  • Quick and easy aerometric filler with 100% silicone sac
  • Easy eyedropper conversion, just unscrew the filling mechanism from the back of the pen and seal the section threads with silicone grease. 

See the "Additional Info" link below for a video of the pen showing the ink windows.

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