A long time ago, before I knew what I was doing (I still don’t, but now, there’s no excuse) I bought some material to try out and practice on, and that was it.

I only had a handful of these rods of acrylic plastic, and after I got done messing around with them, I didn’t really have enough with which to make a significant run, so I left them in my scrap pile. Last year, I stumbled upon them in the pile, and decided they would be perfect for another project, cut them up, and promptly abandoned them when that project got shelved. A few weeks ago, I realized that they were almost the right size for another model I was working on. Here they are.

Because I didn’t know where I’d be going with these materials when I started, once upon a time, I started making the pens, and made little adjustments along the way, trying to find the best overall combination, trimming, shaping, doing and redoing, and what I eventually came up with was this shape, a unidirectional (longitudinal) matte black finish, and a high gloss grip section. I adore this combination, and I hope you do too.

Cast Acrylic: Acrylic plastic, or poly(methyl methacrylate) goes by a number of names including the trade names Lucite® and Plexiglas®. Requires delicate machining and finishing to obtain a good, clear finish on inside surfaces.

There are two types of ways I get acrylic plastic: cast or extruded extruded. Due to the extrusion process, the plastic retains the internal stresses created from extrusion and rapid cooling, so the resulting product–while available affordably in a wide selection of uniform colors and sizes–can be…unstable. Cast plastic has, by comparison, no such internal stress, and is available in a wide variety of color patterns, but requires longer to produce, and is, therefore, quite a bit more expensive.  


  • Bulb fillers: Unscrew the blind cap on the back of the barrel, immerse the pen in ink, and squeeze the sac repeatedly (and forcefully) to fill.

Additional Info

Dimensions: (In inches, not including nib length)

  • Unposted length: 4.25

  • Posted Length: 5.8

  • Barrel weight: 10g

  • Cap weight: 5g

  • Grip section minimum diameter: .35

  • Grip section maximum diameter: .4

  • Barrel maximum diameter: .48

  • Cap maximum diameter: .55

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