Eucalyptus Burl Seconds


Sold out at the moment, but if you like this, send an email to Pierre@DesiderataPens.com, and I’ll let you know when I have them again.

This is my response to the OMAS Arco Brown celluloid.

That’s a gorgeous material that nobody makes anymore, and I love it, but…nobody makes it anymore. So, in looking for a natural alternative, I chose to work with this. Eucalyptus Burl wood. It’s expensive, a headache to deal with, and time consuming to finish, but the results are stellar. The pens on sale here are what are left from my first attempt to work with it, and the cosmetic finish is imperfect. The finish is secure, however, so this pen is highly water resistant in and out, with a hard, glossy coating of acrylic plastic on the outside, and an ebonite sleeve on the inside, but it’s not the perfectly smooth, infinitely deep finish I was going for. This was my first try, the next time will be much better. So, I’m selling these seconds to make way for the next generation.

  • Your pen probably won’t be the one in the picture, so there will be minute variations between the pens, as wood never does the same thing twice.

  • These pens have wooden threads. They look amazing, but they may be a bit tight occasionally, so you may want to oil them from time to time.

  • Aerometric fillers: Unscrew the ebonite grip section, immerse the front end of the section in your ink, and squeeze the sac repeatedly (and forcefully) to fill.

  • Though designed for the Zebra G nib, you can use any threaded #6 JoWo nib unit in here, and it will just screw in. If you want to buy one, you can get one in the add-ons page.

  • You can also get a Pilot XF for it too. If you do, you’ll get a special nib unit that I make which adapts the Pilot nib and feed to the JoWo #6 internal dimensions that my pens have. They’re a hassle to make, but they’re great units.

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